Knowing Which Auto Parts to Replace

The Ultimate Guide For Those Replacing An Engine On A Heavy-Duty Work Truck

If you have a heavy-duty work truck with a blown engine, it's important to find a replacement so you can continue your operations. Although this is a big investment, you can make the right choice when replacing this heavy equipment part by utilizing this buying guide. 

New vs. Used  

How much you pay for this heavy equipment part replacement will depend a lot on the condition of the engine. If you buy new, you'll pay a lot more. However, you don't have to worry about the engine being in bad condition or not operating correctly once it's hooked up to your truck. It will work exactly as advertised.

Used engines for heavy-duty trucks won't cost nearly as much. Since they have been used, you need to closely inspect them in person. Make sure there are no potential warning flags, such as structural damage or leaking oil. It may even be necessary to see the used engine running in real time, just to make sure it still works great.

Long vs. Short Block

In terms of how the engine is designed, you can either get a long- or short-block engine. Long-block engines come with all of the components. This is ideal if you need to completely replace your truck's engine in its entirety. Since all of the components are included, you will pay more.

Conversely, short-block engines don't come with all of the components. This is ideal if your engine doesn't need to be thrown out completely. There may be salvageable components that can still be used. You'll want to consult with an experienced mechanic to find this information out. 


One of the more important decisions to think about is where you get this heavy equipment part from. Be wary that not all suppliers provide high-quality engines. You thus need to be selective with the supplier you buy from. 

They should have many years of experience selling heavy-duty engines on the market. You should also make sure they offer competitive rates on their engines. Otherwise, you may spend more money than necessary and put yourself in a financial bind. 

Replacing your work truck's engine is not something you should take lightly. You really need to think about your options and keep in mind relevant factors. Only then can you come away happy from this important transaction, getting a replacement engine that performs great for your work truck over the years.