Knowing Which Auto Parts to Replace

When Your Transmission Needs Work: Signs It's Time To Have Your Transmission Checked

The transmission on your vehicle has a big job. It is responsible for automatically changing your car's gears when necessary. This replaces the old standard vehicles, which relied on the driver to change gears with a clutch. Replacing your transmission is expensive, so it is very important to pay attention to signs that your transmission needs some work. With good maintenance, you can extend the life of your transmission. A typical transmission can last roughly 100,000 miles or more depending on how well you take care of it. With regular flushes, oil changes, and high-quality fluids, you can help your transmission last longer.

When Your Car Struggles to Shift

If you are trying to go into reverse and you can't get it into gear, this could be a problem with your transmission. Trouble shifting also comes in to play when you are driving down the road and your car doesn't shift into a higher gear when it should. When you are on the highway and your car won't get into a higher gear, this could be your transmission.

Problems with Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement occurs when you put your car into gear and your car does not respond immediately. This can be most obvious when you put your car into drive yet your car doesn't start moving for a second or more. This can also occur while you are driving, as when the car goes into another gear but continues to rev up for a few seconds while the new gear kicks in.

If You Find Fluid Leaks In Your Driveway

Fluid leaks could be brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, oil, or even windshield washer fluid. If you find a leak in your driveway, try to identify the color of the fluid. Transmission fluid can go from translucent dark red when it is new to a more burnt red color when it needs to be changed. Bring your vehicle in for service if you find transmission fluid leaking.

When Your Car Slips Out of Gear

If you are driving down the road and your car slips into neutral, this is a problem with your transmission. Slipping out of gear is dangerous and needs to be addressed right away.

Whenever your car is not working properly, it's time for car repair services. If the transmission warning light goes on, bring your car in for services immediately. Don't ignore problems with your transmission or they are only going to get worse. Get in touch with a company such as Suburban  Driveline Inc to learn more.