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Nitrous 101: FAQs For Car Owners

You may have seen it used on your favorite races. You possibly even passed by it at your local auto parts store. Nitrous oxide is one of those things you can add to your car that will completely change how it performs. While the average driver may not care much about the power provided by the fuel they use, you may want more power, and nitrous can make it happen. Check out some of the things you likely want to know about nitrous oxide and nitrous boosters for your vehicle. 

How does nitrous make a car go faster?

To understand how nitrous oxide makes a car engine go faster, you have to first understand how the car engine works. When fuel is injected into the engine through the injectors, that fuel combines with oxygen to create combustion, which is translated into power for the drivetrain. When you introduce nitrous oxide into the mix, it allows more oxygen during combustion, so you get a hotter, more powerful rate of combustion that pushes the drivetrain harder and faster. In addition, when nitrous evaporates, it generates a much cooler temperature than what is typical, which helps keep things flowing through the air intake at a cooler temperature and prevent overheating. 

Can all cars have a nitrous booster added?

Not all vehicles work well with nitrous boosters added. The booster is typically reserved for vehicles that have higher numbers of cylinders because engines with lower cylinder numbers simply cannot accommodate the extra combustion and translate it well. You technically could add a nitrous booster to just about any gasoline engine, but that does not always mean it will provide you with more power or speed. For example, if you have a car without a lot of horsepower and torque, adding nitrous isn't really going to help. 

Can nitrous oxide be used with electric boosters?

If you already have turbochargers or electric boosters on your engine, it is easy to assume that nitrous will not do much to further power the function of that engine. However, that is not always the case. Some vehicles perform exceptionally well when both electric superchargers and turbo boosters are installed. The superchargers encourage more power through electronic transmissions and engine relays; nitrous encourages hotter combustion and more power, so the combination can be pretty impressive. It is always best to talk to a mechanic before adding both features, however. 

If you would like to learn more, contact a nitrous refill service provider near you.