Knowing Which Auto Parts to Replace

How To Get A Junk Car Out Of The Yard And Make A Little Money Too

An old car that is no longer running can take up needed space in the driveway or garage, and there may be a rule against having them in your yard if you live where there is an HOA (homeowners association). Junk car removal services are available to come and get the car, and some of these services will pay you for the vehicle. 

Removal Services

In many areas, there are businesses that will come and buy junk cars from people then haul the vehicle away for them. If you are looking for a service like this, you may want to start searching in the online classified ads for your area. Also, some social media platforms have places to buy and sell things, so you may also want to look there. 

When you find a service that offers junk car removal, you can call them to arrange a time to come and look at the vehicle. While most of these services will take any car, there are some cars that are worth paying for, and when they come to look the car over, they may offer to buy it from you. 

The junk car removal service may want to fix the car and resell it, but in most situations, they will disassemble the vehicle, sell the good parts, and then sell the body for scrap metal. The service will take the car off the property for you, so if you need it removed quickly, let them know, and they can typically remove the car the same day.

Salvage Yards

Another place to find junk car removal is a local auto salvage operation. Like the junk car removal service, the salvage yard needs the parts and scrap to make money. Often the good parts are removed from the car and placed in inventory, and the remaining parts are crushed and recycled. 

Many auto salvage yards will come and get the car off your property, and some still pay a few hundred dollars for the car when they pick it up. Some operations will take the vehicle away free of charge but may not pay you for it, but if the goal is simply to remove the junk car, you will have to decide if this is acceptable. 

In both situations, these services are recycling the cars, and allowing them to take the vehicle helps promote your local economy as well as cleaning up your yard. These local businesses are often small, and any business they get helps them grow and contribute to the community. Your old car can still contribute something to the local community.