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3 Reasons To Sell Your Junk Car Before Summer Arrives

There's never a wrong time to get rid of an old junk car taking up space on your property. However, each season presents unique challenges for homeowners who choose to leave old vehicles sitting around on driveways or in their yards. With spring in bloom and summer rapidly approaching, there's never been a better time to junk an old car.

If you've got a vehicle like this taking up space on your land, here are three reasons why contacting a junk car buyer before summer arrives can save you some cash and make your life much easier.

1. Pest Problems

Pests are an issue for junk cars throughout the year. During the winter, rodents may decide to take residence in the engine bay. These critters can chew on electrical cables and cause plenty of other damage, but you might not care too much if the car doesn't run or you weren't planning on keeping it anyway.

However, summer pests can be more problematic. Warmer temperatures mean that bees, wasps, and hornets will be looking for new homes. Unlike rodents, these stinging insects can make their way into door jambs and other areas where you may encounter them while cleaning your old car out. Junking it before summer arrives can help you avoid these buzzing pests.

2. Weed Control

Once summer arrives, weeds start appearing everywhere. While weeds on your lawn can be a problem, weeds are just as likely to spring up in the gaps between sidewalk stones and through driveway cracks. Many weeds also tend to vine up and climb over other objects, especially stationary ones like old junk cars.

Leaving an old car sitting on your driveway makes it much harder to control weeds that take root in asphalt cracks. Not only will these weeds grow larger and potentially go to seed, but the root systems of large plants can even cause more damage to your driveway. Getting rid of your old car will allow you to free up the space you need to care for and maintain your driveway correctly.

3. Weekend Barbecues

There's nothing like having some friends over for a weekend barbecue in the summer, but an old junk car can be a damper on any party. Not only are these unsightly vehicles obstructions that detract from your careful landscaping, but they'll also reduce the amount of space for guests to park. Nobody likes parking in the street, and your old clunker is occupying space in your driveway better used by a friend.

Whatever your reason for keeping an old car around, summer is the perfect time to finally cut the cord. Selling your old junk car before the warm weather arrives will get some cash in your bank account while helping to beautify your property.  Talk to a company that offers cash for junk cars to learn more.