Knowing Which Auto Parts to Replace

What You Need To Know About Maintaining The Brakes On Your Car

The brakes are a crucial part of any car or truck, and ensuring each component is functioning properly is essential. Quality brake repair starts with the brake parts you choose and the service tech that installs them. Knowing what to buy or where to take your car is a vital first step in the brake repair process.

Brake Inspection

Anytime you find your brakes lacking or underperforming, you should take the vehicle to a brake repair shop and have them check the system. Brakes will wear over time, so eventually, every vehicle needs a  brake service, and the process does not need to be overwhelming.

The inspection will start with a check of the overall systems, and the tech will look for leaks, damage, or parts that are failing. The tires and wheels must come off the car to allow the technician to see the pads and rotors clearly. 

Often the rotors will begin to wear unevenly as the pads wear out. The heat from braking can cause warping, and grooves may develop on the surface. Once the inspection is complete, the brake repair tech will discuss the issues with you, so you can decide what course of action you want to take.

Brake Service And Repair

Normal wear and tear on your brake system will often require you to replace the brake pads annually or semi-annually if you spend a lot of time on the road. Once a brake inspection is complete, the brake repair tech can order the parts for your car and schedule a time to make the repairs. 

Most cars only require a brake cleaning and replacement of the pads or shoes, but if the rotors or drums have damage, they may also need replacing. The brake repair will typically only take a couple of hours, and the improvement in the brakes will be immediately noticeable in nearly every situation.

Brake Parts

Using the best parts available for your brake repair and maintenance will help them last longer and perform better. Drivers who spend a lot of time in stop-and-go traffic may benefit from a ceramic brake pad that will withstand more heat and perform well. 

Semi-metallic brake pads are another excellent option and offer good brake performance and wear, and the price is affordable for many cars and trucks. Semi-metallic brake pads can be a little noisy in some situations, but for anyone looking to balance the cost and performance of the brake parts on their vehicle, they may be the best way to go. 

It is essential to ensure you are not neglecting the brake system, so if your brakes feel soft, you notice it takes longer to stop, or there is an extensive amount of dust on the wheels, take the car in for a brake repair immediately. Keep these tips in mind when scheduling a break repair at a local service.