Knowing Which Auto Parts to Replace


Can Car Brakes Get Rusty?

The answer to this question is obviously yes, but what's more important is whether or not this will have any significant effect on how the brakes perform. We've all seen vehicles that have sat in one place for long periods. What usually follows is that the brakes go from a shiny metallic sheen to a rusty brown color. While rust may not affect all types of brakes, almo

A Guide To Hydraulic Hose Repair

Proper care of hydraulic pipes is not a matter of convenience. Machines that operate with help of hydraulic power require that every part of the hydraulic system be in great condition. If your hydraulic pipes are not in good shape, they will be a serious safety risk to anyone using the machine, or even those passing near the machines. How can you ensure that your hydr

3 Practical Tips When Purchasing a New Car Battery

One of the more important auto parts in your vehicle is the battery. Without it, your vehicle wouldn't be able to start. If you're needing a new one as the current one is no longer functioning properly, remember these tips. They'll help you make the perfect selection.  Make Sure It's Fresh  There are some batteries that sit on the shelf for a couple of month

5 Essential Features To Turn Your 55 Chevy Into A True Nostalgic Gasser

Before there were pony cars and muscle cars, there were greasers and gassers. These were the original hot rods, and old Chevy's are the iconic symbol of this bye-gone era that had so much influence on car culture. Today, the 55 Chevy is still one of the most popular models for gasser build projects. If you have a 55 Chevy shell that you want to make into something tha

Truck Repair Issues To Be Aware Of Early On

  Trucks are vital vehicles for some people and when they are off the road, it is likely they will be losing money. If it was possible to buy a vehicle that very rarely had problems, it would be well worth looking into buying it. When you run a fleet of trucks, you need to know in advance what the regular problems of that vehicle could be. Knowing the experiences